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2.4 billion pounds of coffee are sold per year in the United States. Of that amount, about one sixth (400,000,000 pounds) are organically grown. Coffee is the second largest agricultural crop in the world, after cotton. It is the third most heavily sprayed crop in the world; Cotton and tobacco are first and second. Three-fourths of the coffee grown in the world and the soil its planted in, is sprayed with some of the most dangerous chemicals in the world, and some have been banned from our own country for their toxicity to people. Some of these are benoyml, chlordane, cabrflurane, DDT, endulfan, paraquat,and zineb
One pound of coffee consists of 4000 hand-picked beans. One hundred coffee beans
for one cup of coffee. This represents one coffee tree per one pound of roasted coffee. If you drink two cups a day, you'll consume about 34 gallons this year, which represents the harvest of 18 coffee trees. 

If you drink conventional, non-organic coffee, the 18 trees which supply your morning brew this year will be treated with about 11 pounds of chemical fertilizers and 8 ounces of pesticides. Most of those chemicals will be washed down hillsides in the streams that carry away the 43 pounds of pulp stripped from your beans.