Kalani Organica Coffees & Teas


We began Kalani Organica in the spring of 1992 with a few bags of premium organic coffee and a dream of creating an ecologically sound alternative for discerning coffee drinkers. Since coffee was becoming one of the world's most environmentally destructive crops we sought alternatives and found growers who used sustainable, shade-grown, and organic methods of coffee farming. Our commitment is to offer fresh roasted organic coffees while honoring our growers with premium compensation and preserving environmental ethics.Kalani also gives back to the environment and it citizens, globally and locally by donating a 1% One World Tax to selected organizations.
This is our tenth year of roasting organic coffees, imported from cooperatives And small independent farms. Our coffees come from Mexico, El Salvador, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Peru,New Guinea, Indonesia and now Africa. In addition to our coffees, we have added a wonderful line of teas and herbals Our expansion of coffees and teas has created beautiful gift boxes and accessories from around the world. If one enjoys a quality cup of coffee or tea, and value the contribution which organic agriculture makes to our future, this is the catalogue for you.


All of the organic growers we work with have been certified by an independent third party. These certifying organizations, which include O.C.I.A., E.K.O., S.K.A.L., and The Biodynamic Institute, verify that no synthetic chemicals (pesticides, herbicides, or fertilizers) have been used on the crops or soil. It usually takes three years of cultivation without synthetic chemicals for certification to occur. During this transition period, the certifying agency works with the grower to create and monitor sustainable, non-chemical strategies of pest control, fertilization and to implement a soil-building program. Organic certification ensures that not just cultivation, but also harvesting and processing are done without synthetic chemicals. A certification document accompanies every shipment.


"Fresh" is coffee that is roasted, bagged & shipped, all in one day. Packaged environmentally sound, so there is no waste. All Kalani coffee is shipped USPO 2 Day Priority or UPS for expediency and freshness.


Based on a century-old European model, our drum-style roasting machine utilizes banks of gas jets for supreme response and control. Our formula is a balance of time, temperature, air-flow and knowledge of how each variety of green coffee reacts during the roasting process. We continually extract samples to monitor progression. We watch for color change and wisps of smoke, at the same time listening for special pops and cracks indicating moisture loss and changes in flavor development. We roast in a mode of rapid progression, finishing with a great deal of heat, to better caramelize and sharpen the flavor components. This hot, fast roast enhances the delicate nuances and varietal character of each coffee without a " burnt " or " baked" quality.


Our interest in organic coffees was born of a desire to have the coffee business be entirely responsible from the coffee fields to your morning cup. Kalani Organica buys and roasts only certified organic coffee beans. These beans have been grown free of manufactured chemicals, pesticides, herbicides and commerical fertilizers. All coffees are grown by farmers/co-operatives using sustainable agroecological practices that mirror natural systems. They are paid a premium for the growing of organics over conventional non-organic farmers. We fully support this cyclical system. Kalani Organica gives back to our environment and its people, globally and locally. We donate a 1% One World Tax to selected organizations. Locally we are involved with various community social programs.